Posted by: Lisa | August 9, 2012

Career Prep Techniques Worthy of a Gold Medal

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, we are taking top tips from athletes off the field and into the job search.  Give yourself a competitive edge by trying out these gold medal-worthy techniques:

Visualization: Visualization techniques are not only used by elite athletes, but also are increasingly being used in a career context. Billionaires Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) and Oprah Winfrey have professed that visualizing their success was a key factor to helping them achieve it.

 Think big! Think of your ultimate goal even if it doesn’t seem achievable now. Visualize yourself achieving that goal and the road required to get there. If you experience anxiety during interviews, try visualizing your interview to help you gain more confidence.  Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect results from just visualizing once. Click here for more information on visualization techniques.

 Routine: Olympic athletes have their game day routine – what they eat for breakfast, how they warm up, and how they mentally prepare for the competition. The same applies for getting ready for a career fair or interview.  Find a game day routine that works for you and stick to it. Whether it’s a good night’s sleep and Dunkin Donuts coffee, or morning run with a healthy breakfast, sticking to a routine may help eliminate surprises and help you feel more confident for the big day.

Think Powerful Thoughts: Harvard Business School recently posted findings that suggest you can improve your golf game by thinking. Really? Apparently, people who viewed themselves as powerful made 44% more golf putts than their peers, according to a German university study. Similarly, people who saw powerful words (such as “influence”) before playing a dart game scored 29% higher than peers who saw less powerful words. What does this mean? Being in the right state of mind and thinking positive, powerful thoughts could help your performance. Place your goal or motivational phrases someplace where you would see them every day, such as your bathroom mirror.  Remember – mind over matter.


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