Posted by: Dan | July 29, 2012

Job Searching with Twitter! (Part 2)

In Part 1, you learned how to get started on Twitter. You setup your account, added connections, and started searching for jobs. Now that you got the hang of it, you have a license to Tweet!

The following 5 tips will help you with Twitter etiquette (“Twetiquette”):

1.  Don’t Tweet Excessively.

  • You’re tempted to tweet as much as possible, and re-post (“re-tweet”) what others post as much as possible.  Don’t do it.
  • Keep the tweets and re-tweets to a minimum, and make them quality posts. Tweets aren’t a constant stream of consciousness. Stick with tweeting or re-tweeting 5-10 times per day while you get the hang of it.

2.  Time of Day to Tweet.

  • You’ll quickly learn that the more people you follow, the more new tweets you’ll see.
  • If you tweet randomly, it could be lost in the sea of tweets.
  • Figure out what time of day is most effective for your audience.

3.  #Go #Easy #onHashtags. 

  • What are hashtags for?  They make it easier to find your tweet through a search.
  • You don’t need to include hashtags (“#”) in every tweet.
  • And you shouldn’t include more than 1 or 2 in a single tweet.

4.  Need a Longer Runway? 

  • You get 140 characters to make a statement. That may not be enough space to send a message and a link to a website.
  • Use a URL shortener. Click here for one from Google.

5.  Put the search on autopilot.

  • Use TweetBeep to get hourly updates via email of anything you want to keep track of.  It’s like a Google Alert for Twitter.
  • Use TweetDeckto do three main things:
    • Arrange your feeds into customizable columns.
    • Filter feeds to only display topics that you’re interested in.
    • Schedule tweets to post at a particular time. This is especially helpful if you’re overseas or on vacation, and want to send consistent posts at times when your audience will see them.

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  1. Great Info Dan!

    Here is a Twitter list of Verizon Wireless Recruiters in the Midwest, we are hiring across the Midwest and you can connect directly with us via Twitter.!/Silvia_R_HR/mwa-tat

    One more tip: There are a lot of recruiters out there on twitter and it is easy to find them and connect with them, Just type the word recruiter and the name of a company or industry on the Twitter search box.

    Happy Job Hunting!

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