Posted by: Dan | July 23, 2012

Job Searching with Twitter! (Part 1)

Twitter isn’t just a place to tell the world what’s on your mind in 140 characters or less.  It can also be a tool to help you find a job!

Follow these steps to improve your job searching with Twitter!

1.  Set Up Your Twitter Profile.

– Use your real name for a username. This makes it easier for employers to find you.

– Your bio can only be 160 characters. Include your City, the type of job you’re looking for, and key words that describe your strengths.

– Include a professional-looking photograph. It can be the same photo from your LinkedIn account.

2.  Follow Others.

– You can search for other people and groups and follow them.  Once you click “Follow”, their posts (“tweets”) will display on your home page.

– When you find a person or group that you find helpful, go to their profile and see who they’re following. Follow people or groups in this list if they have something in common with you. For example, follow people that are veterans or help veterans.

– A few suggestions for people/groups to follow:

  • @Switchstarter  (Our posts about transition guidance/resources)
  • @HireOurHeroes  (Posts about upcoming job fairs and transition guidance)
  • @hireDS  (Posts about upcoming job fairs and transition guidance)
  • @missioncontinue (information about fellowship opportunities)
  • @H2Hjobfairs  (posts about construction careers)

3.  Follow Companies.

– Employers use Twitter too.  Search for companies that you’re interested in and follow them. You’ll can read current developments and learn about job openings.

– A few suggestions for companies to follow:

4.  Use Lists to Group the People You Follow.

– Create lists in Twitter to combine people and groups with a common theme.

– Next to the “Following” button (once you’re already following a person/group), click the icon that looks like a head and shoulders.

– Click “Add or remove from lists…”, and you’ll be able to create a list and add them to it.

5.  Twitter Job Search for Vets. 

Tweet My Jobs is an essential job search tool for two reasons:

  • Resume upload.  Sign up, upload your resume and it’ll be sent to employers that want to hire veterans.

– You can link to your Facebook account and get notified if your contacts work at companies you’re interested in.

– Enter your job preferences (role, industry, company, location).  The less you enter, the more results you’ll get.

– Enter the frequency of job alerts (instantly, daily, or weekly).

– Select the job channels you want to follow on Twitter from the list provided.

– Upload your resume, or build a new one using their template.

– Once the resume is complete, you can “Tweet your resume” or “Post to Facebook”.

  • Job Search.  Search by job type and/or location.

– The search results include Twitter channels to follow.

– Click “follow” for ones that you’re interested in, and you’ll receive updates from the group on your Twitter home page.

TwitJobSearch is similar to Tweet My Jobs, except it doesn’t have a veteran-specific section, doesn’t let you upload a resume, and doesn’t let you search for jobs in a specific city in the U.S.

Check back soon for Part 2!

Please send any questions and comments to

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