Posted by: Dan | June 27, 2012

PTSD – There’s an app for that!

In honor of PTSD Awareness Day, we’re posting about a new app called PTSD Coach to help veterans and service members learn about and manage PTSD.

It’s not just for veterans – family and friends of service members should also use the app to learn more about PTSD and the resources available. Family and friends can also setup a support network within the app.  Stay tuned for a specific app for family and friends, called PTSD Family Coach.

Cost:  Free

Where to download:  iTunes or Android Marketplace

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices

What can you do with the app?

  • Conduct a self-assessment.  It’s anonymous, and you’ll get feedback that’s specific to you. You can also track changes in your symptoms over time.
  • Manage symptoms.  Learn coping skills, including relaxation and self-help techniques.
  • Find support now.  The app provides phone numbers you can contact for immediate support.  It also has links to treatment programs.  In an emergency, users can directly link to the Veteran Crisis Line.

Why use the app?

  • Vets may not want to admit they need help.  This is a way to seek help anonymously.
  • Many people don’t understand PTSD, or know how to help.  This app is an incredible resource to educate to better understand what you can do to help yourself, your battle buddy, or your friend or family member.
English: signs and symptoms ptsd

English: signs and symptoms ptsd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. This is great. I posted this on our Alliance Careers Facebook Wall.

    • Thanks, Jennifer!

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