Posted by: Dan | June 14, 2012

Capital One + Count Me In = Success for Women Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

While some companies are scrambling to develop veteran recruitment programs, Capital One and Count Me In stand out as innovators, even championing an initiative for women veteran business owners.  Capital One is partnering with Count Me In to create a small business training program for women veteran small business owners.

Here’s what you need to know:

The program starts in December, and is designed to assist women veteran business owners who are past the start-up phase (not for newbies), but who need assistance to achieve consistent business growth.

First, participants will attend a two-day Leadership Institute at Capital One’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia.  The Leadership Institute will consist of panels and workshops developed by public and private sector experts on women veterans affairs and women-owned business challenges.

Next, the selected women veterans will participate in a six-month group coaching program that will emphasize personal growth and business skill development. Count Me In provides the proven entrepreneurial model, and Capital One will provide volunteer coaches and mentors.

This is a three-year program with multiple six-month groups. So, if you miss the inaugural group, look for the next opportunity.  Want to apply?  Keep following us, and we’ll post the details as soon as we find out.

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