Posted by: Lisa | June 4, 2012

Does Size Matter?

Small Businesses may Provide Large Opportunities

As you begin your job search, you may check out defense contractor positions or opportunities with large corporations that have pledged to hire veterans.  But, don’t discount the opportunities right around the corner!

Small businesses employ half of all private sector employees and have generated 65% of all jobs created over the past 17 years.  Why should you consider a job with a small business?

1.  Growth Opportunities.  This may seem counterintuitive.  After all, large corporations should have more opportunities for career development and upward mobility – right?  Not so fast. Regardless of whether you join a large or small company, your career progression is often determined by your role and experience.  You may find that working for a small business requires you to assume multiple roles and therefore enables you to build a more diverse professional background that may better position you for a future opportunity.

2.  Get Noticed. In a small business it is easier to stand out and make an impression on the company’s leadership.  When working for a large corporation with multiple organizational layers, your hard work and performance may go unnoticed.  If you are a hard charger, you may be able to gain more career momentum by joining a growing small business.  If you deliver results and make a positive impression on senior leadership, you may find yourself assuming more responsibility or earning a promotion before you know it!

3.  Team Atmosphere. The atmosphere in which you work can greatly affect your job satisfaction.  If you enjoyed the close-knit community of the military in which you knew most (if not every) person in your command, look for a company that is collaborative and team-oriented.  Small businesses are like a military command. Everyone knows each other, and everyone feels connected to the mission.

4.  Impact.   In a small business, you have the potential to directly guide the company’s success. You’ll find important and meaningful work at both large and small businesses, but at a smaller company you can directly see how your hard work helps the company achieve its goals.

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