Posted by: Switch | May 30, 2012

Jumpstart a Career in Financial Services with the GI Bill

In May 2012, Edward Jones announced its FORCES initiative – an innovative training and mentoring program targeting veterans and qualifying dependents (per the GI Bill) without financial services backgrounds but with the intangible qualities that make a successful financial advisor.

Candidates can receive the GI Bill’s on-the-job training benefits while in the Edward Jones training program; however, each state must approve the use of the funds.  So far, only Missouri has approved these funds.

Why do vets make good financial advisors?  According to a survey conducted by ORC Int’l on behalf of Edward Jones, people favored doing business with veteran-turned financial advisors for the following reasons:

  • 77% of people surveyed value veterans’ discipline
  • 73% value that veterans are goal-oriented
  • 72% value the integrity of veterans

Roughly 11% of Edward Jones financial advisors are vets, and the company aims to increase that percentage.  The company was ranked No. 5 in FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For 2012.”

To learn more about FORCES, apply, or find out how to get your state to approve apprenticeship benefits, visit:


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