Posted by: Switch | May 28, 2012

Welcome to Switch!

In the military, you don’t need a resume. You don’t interview for jobs. Your career path is defined.

When we separated from the military, we realized how challenging the transition to a civilian career can be.  After reading too many articles about the high unemployment rate among veterans, we pursued an independent study project at Wharton in order to learn why the unemployment rate is so high, what existing programs are available for veterans, and what else can be done to help veterans transition.

Through our research, we uncovered a lot of helpful information for veterans and transitioning service members. We believe that every vet has the ability to reach his or her career aspirations. We created Switch to supports vets in their transition to civilian life and new careers by sharing relevant resources and our experiences.


~ Dan & Lisa



  1. I just happened onto this blog this morning. In just a few moments, I discovered great information (and perspective) on the challenges of our Veterans, as they attempt to transiton from military to civilian life & work. I am working with an initiative to help community colleges, and all the local area partners near these colleges, to help and support our Veterans.

    • John,

      Thanks for your kind words, your service, and continued support for our Veterans!

      Best wishes,

      Lisa and Dan

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